On the path to achieving things, it’s easy for high-achievers like you to forget who you are. Perhaps – because you’ve always aimed to please others while working to achieve the “next thing” – you’ve never known. It’s time to figure it who you are.

Because regardless of whether you once knew or never really knew, your mental health depends on getting it answered.

I know because I’ve been there (and I see this in clients often).

Join me for a powerful conversation with guest Alexandra (Allie) Brak to learn from her story about self reflection, vulnerability and learning to figure out who she is (after never truly knowing).

Here’s What We Cover In How To Figure Out Who You Are:

  • The addictive nature of achievement (and why the positive feedback loop you’ve created is so unhealthy).
  • Why knowing what you don’t want isn’t helping you determine what you do want.
  • The physical and mental warning signs that you’re not in the right place (whether it’s the wrong firm/company, wrong practice area or wrong career).
  • How to use journaling to help you determine what you want to do for a living (and to reconnect to who you are).

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    About Allie Brak

    Alexandra (Allie) Brak is a former corporate transactional lawyer and bankruptcy clerk who began to seriously question her legal career path a few years into her career. After spending most of her life in pursuit of achievement and prestige, she decided it was time to take a step away from the increasing demands of law firm life to explore long-neglected questions of authenticity and self.

    Allie left her legal career to explore her identity, values, and goals outside of being a lawyer. This process helped lead her to the next chapter of her life. Today, she is pursuing a masters degree in clinical mental health counseling and hopes to soon provide therapy services to lawyers.

    Her story teaches us that in order to go forward, sometimes we need to take a step back. And that a life well lived is not synonymous with a life well performed.

    Connect with Allie on LinkedIn.


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