Can lawyers be happy and successful (at the same time)? Sometimes, it doesn’t feel possible. Does it?

Join me for a conversation with with Rosanne Prim about how to be a happy lawyer. Because she’s got some incredible insights on how to be both happy and successful as a lawyer.

I met Rosanne recently via LinkedIn (and an online Coffee Chat). Within just 10 minutes of meeting her, I knew she needed to come onto the show.

Rosanne’s story is inspiring, her message is powerful. Enjoy!

Here’s What’s Covered In Can Lawyers Be Happy?

  • The red flags your mind and body are trying to tell you (that you might not be listening to but should).
  • The #1 thing high-achievers hide behind to steer clear of their own thoughts and emotions (and how to start listening).
  • Getting comfortable with vulnerable emotions and feelings.
  • The mindset shift needed for happiness (and what happiness even is).

About & Connect With Rosanne Prim

Rosanne Prim is an Associate II with Mass General Brigham’s Office for Interactions with Industry. She focuses on complex academic medicine, contract, and PHS regulatory issues.

Connect with Rosanne on LinkedIn here.


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