Episode 84: Yes, You Can Meditate (Meditation For Lawyers)

by Heather Moulder | Life & Law Podcast

You understand why meditation for lawyers is a good thing, and yet… you can’t shut off your brain long enough to meditate and think it’s just not for you.

I have good news: you don’t have to shut off your brain. And you CAN meditate.

Join me and guest Lexlee Overton to learn about all the benefits of meditation (hint: it’s not just about stress reduction) and how to rethink meditation to make it work for you.

You’ll even get a quick (less than two-minute) guided meditation from Lexlee!

Here’s What You’ll Learn In Meditation For Lawyers:

  • Why the near-constant state of stress and anxiety most lawyers think is normal is anything but (and how it hinders your ability to perform).
  • Why stress and anxiety is MORE than a mental health issue – it negatively impacts your physical health too.
  • How slowing down your thoughts introduces choice (you didn’t realize you had).
  • Why the act of witnessing your thoughts creates an awakening around the disempowering stories you’re telling yourself.
  • How even a short (think 1-2 minute) meditation will benefit you.

Be Calm. Feel Confident. Have Control.

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      About Lexlee Overton

      Lexlee is a coach, mom, writer, trial lawyer and shaman who understands the inner workings of a law firm while also having tools at her disposal most lawyers don’t have

      As a coach, Lexless helps her clients think outside the box and learn that with intention, anything is possible.

      Here’s how to find out more about and connect with Lexlee:

      Lexlee’s Soundcloud Meditations


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