I wanted to end this year and begin the new one on an inspirational note. In today’s episode, I want to convince you to give yourself permission to go all-in on YOU this next year. It’s the only way to fully live (and achieve the things you want).

This is only partly about goal achievement. Yes, you must do this if you want to achieve big things. But it’s more than that.

When you give yourself permission to do the things we cover in today’s episode, life feels more fun and fulfilling. Which is what I want most for you.

    In Give Yourself Permission, We Cover:

    • The lessons I learned when I battled cancer – and why that matters for YOU.
    • Why you don’t need to be the best (or even good) at everything.
    • How needing to know the answer(s) holds you back.
    • How (and why) to start failing-forward.
    • Why NOT to suppress your emotions, but instead use them to your benefit (yes, really).


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