Episode 35: What Is Impostor Syndrome (& How Do You Overcome It)?

by Heather Moulder | Life & Law Podcast

What is impostor syndrome? How do you know if you’re suffering from it? And (most importantly) how do you overcome impostor syndrome?

That’s exactly what we’re tackling today.

It’s important to understand what causes impostor syndrome and how to tackle it head-on. Because it holds you back by making you feel less than you are.

And it’s more common than you’d think (especially among high-achievers). Moreover, impostor syndrome doesn’t just affect women (men can suffer from impostor syndrome too).

If you ever think things like…

  • I don’t deserve my success, or
  • I’m not as smart as they think.

And you worry that everyone’s going to figure it out, today’s episode is for you.

In What Is Impostor Syndrome, You’ll:

  • Learn who is most impacted by impostor syndrome.
  • Discover the main causes (including some hidden causes that might surprise you).
  • Learn the most common signs and symptoms.
  • Get 5 proven ways for overcoming impostor syndrome.


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